Mood Ring Colors Chart & Color Meanings

Now that you’ve purchased your new and awesome mood ring you’re probably wondering what the colors mean. We went and did all the hardcore research so you don’t have to worry about that. Here’s what we found.

Black – Yikes! You’re anxious and unhappy. Someone needs a pick-me-up. Hug the next person you see. When they see that black mood ring they’ll understand.

Yellow – Strained. Don’t be afraid to shoot that annoying gum popper sitting behind the evil eye. You’re doing us all a favor.

Red – Unsettled. Like waking up from that dream of showing up naked at school. They aren’t laughing at you they’re laughing with you.

Green – Neutral. Like the Swiss. Or my feelings for Spencer Pratt. Hey Spence!

Blue – LOVE. Either your mood ring is malfunctioning or someone’s happy to see me!

Purple – Relaxed and At Ease. Things are going good. We’re sharing a moment right now.

Here’s a nice color chart for you to print off:

Mood Ring Color Chart - Color Meanings

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